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You probably didn’t intend to end up here. We understand. Separation and divorce are about as personal and difficult as it gets. Let us help, in the way that best suits you. We deliver accessible, fixed-fee, remote family law services tailored to your needs. We’ll help ease the way through all your divorce, property settlement, parenting and child custody arrangements, and (if necessary) help you navigate Court.

How we’re different

The world has changed. And we’ve changed with it.

The law — and most family law firms — love traditions. But those traditions don’t work for all clients.

We’re online

We operate online, by design. Wherever you are in Australia, we’re with you — we’re only a Zoom, phone call or email away.

We’re flexible

We know that life can get messy. We’ll schedule your initial appointment for a day and time that’s convenient for YOU.

We’re quick

We understand that waiting for answers is difficult, and stressful. We pride ourselves on our fast response times.

We speak your language

We understand that a lot of lawyers speak in a way that only other lawyers understand.  We make a point of giving you advice in a way that makes sense to you.

We’re fixed fee

Most divorce lawyers charge by the minute or by the word. Not us — all of our services are either fixed fee or subscription, meaning no nasty surprises for you.

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We’re good at what we do

So good in fact, that our documents have been used by the Court to teach other lawyers and we also run a business helping other lawyers with family law documents, templates and training!

Family Law Services

Parenting (Child Custody)

We’ll help you prepare documents for court, a parenting plan, or a binding consent order — our family law solicitors will ensure that a workable agreement is in place for the care of your children.

Property and financial

A property settlement is a must to protect your future after separation or divorce — we can help with the preparation of court documents, consent orders, or binding financial agreements.


From providing specialist divorce advice to preparing divorce applications, our skilled divorce lawyers help take the stress out of the equation.

Child support

Our child support lawyers can help you reach agreement on your child support entitlements or obligations, and formalise any agreements made.

Still not sure?

Send us an email, give us a call or schedule a conference so we can work it out together.

Anchored Family Law


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Anchored Family Law


We couldn’t be prouder that Anchored Family Law is a finalist for two awards in the
LawyersWeekly Australian Law Awards 2023 – Innovator of the Year (Company) and NewLaw Firm of the Year!