Parenting (Child Custody)

Expert help with your Parenting & Child Custody arrangements.

The law and parenting arrangements

Separation and divorce can be a challenging and highly emotional time for both parents and kids. Parenting agreements, both binding and non-binding, help ensure that the best arrangements are in place for their care. They can include details on:

  • where the children will live
  • the responsibilities of each parent
  • how/when the children will spend time with each parent
  • how decisions will be made regarding the children

It’s important to note that when it comes to parenting arrangements, the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia is required to consider, above all else, the best interests of your child.

How we can help you

Depending on your situation, our family and child custody lawyers can help in a number of ways. Our advice to you will be summarised in your personalised family law book, which you’ll receive after your initial consultation with us.

If agreement has been reached with your ex-partner

If you and your ex are able to agree on your parenting & child custody arrangements without going to court, we can help you formalise your agreement. This can be done in two ways:


Parenting Plan

A Parenting Plan is a written agreement between you and your ex-partner outlining arrangements for your children. Parenting Plans can help parents self-manage after separation and provide clarity to both parents. They can also be provided to third parties such as schools, medical professionals and the Child Support Agency. It’s important to remember that Parenting Plans aren’t legally binding. If you are looking for a legally binding option, consider Consent Orders.


Consent Order

A Consent Order is a binding agreement between you and your ex-partner outlining arrangements for your children. Once the agreement is approved by the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Consent Orders can be enforced by a Court if necessary.

If you and your ex-partner are NOT able to reach agreement

Sometimes, the only viable option in parenting matters is to let the Court decide. If you’ve found yourself in this position, we can help you with our monthly subscription plan and fixed fee Court services . With this option, you know exactly what your family law bill will be each month.

Wanting to self-represent in Court?

We can help you with that too. Download our price list of unbundled services.

The family law monthly subscription package

Our monthly subscription package provides you with on demand access to our expert family and divorce lawyers when you need them.

For as little as $600 (incl. GST) a month, get the peace of mind of having an experienced family lawyer in your corner to:

  • ask all those “what if” questions you have;
  • get clarity around all those overwhelming decisions;
  • receive expert advice; and
  • negotiate with your ex-partner (or their lawyer).

This fee is charged per calendar month, and does not include drafting substantive documents (other than correspondence).

We’ll also provide any additional services as required, including preparing for Court hearings, briefing counsel, and attending family mediation. Our subscription package is best for those that expect to need our help over a period of several months — and possibly longer. Think of it as your family lawyer on tap!

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