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Six low or no cost self love activities during separation
Taking care of ourselves is important at any stage of our lives, especially during separation. Here’s a short list of no or low cost self love activities to help you take care of yourself during this time.
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Protecting Your Business in the Event of a Relationship Breakdown or Divorce
How is a property settlement calculated in a divorce?
Part 1 – How do I get a property settlement?
Why taking screenshots is a good habit to have in family law proceedings
The ability to edit or recall sent messages in iPhone’s ios16 operating system poses some serious problems for family lawyers, who may see one of their best sources of evidence destroyed or manipulated
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In the News | Court Fees increasing as of 1 July 2022
As of 1 July 2022, the Federal Circuit and Family Court (FCFCOA) will increase the fees parties must pay to the Court to file an Application or Response in their matter.
What are “fixed fees”?
And why should you care that we offer them?
What is Parental Responsibility, Do I Have it and What Do I Do with It?
Parental Responsibility isn’t who the children live with, or when they spend time with the other parent, but the ability to make the “big” decisions for your child.
What a Family Lawyer Wants You to Know … While You’re Still in a Relationship (Part 1)
While this Family Lawyer, at least, wants you to stay in a relationship where you are happy, respected and safe, she also knows that sometimes things come to an end. Here are five pieces of information a Family Lawyer wants you to know before that happens.
Affidavits 101: How to write a good Affidavit for Family Court
5 Quick Tips: How to write a good Affidavit for Family Court
Cheating Hearts
What’s Love Got to Do with It?
Does cheating affect a divorce, parenting arrangements or property settlement in Australia?
Who gets the dog?
Who gets the dog (and your other pets) if you separate?